4085 Thumboform, long

4085 Thumboform, long
> Brand: ottobock
> Product Code: 4085


Our most popular thumb spica uses a heat moldable thermoplastic stay for thumb support and custom angulations.


  • One-hand wraparound design for ease of use
  • Removable extensor stay is heat moldable, using hot water
  • Circumferential elastic strap restricts wrist movement (extra long version)
  • Thermoprene material for warmth and support

Indicated for thumb support following injury or strain, Gamekeeper’s Thumb, DeQuervain’s Tendonitis, selected scaphoid injuries, post cast healing, and soft tissue injury


  • Short
  • Long
  • Extra Long


Measure wrist circumference.
Size Wrist Circumference Left Short Right Short Left Long Right Long Left Extra Long Right Extra Long
XS 13 - 14cm 4084=L-XS 4084=R-XS 4085=L-XS 4085=R-XS 4086=L-XS 4086=R-XS
S 14 - 16cm 4084=L-S 4084=R-S 4085=L-S 4085=R-S 4086=L-S 4086=R-S
M 16 - 18cm 4084=L-M 4084=R-M 4085=L-M 4085=R-M 4086=L-M 4086=R-M
L 18 - 20cm 4084=L-L 4084=R-L 4085=L-L 4085=R-L 4086=L-L 4086=R-L
XL 20 - 22cm 4084=L-XL 4084=R-XL 4085=L-XL 4085=R-XL 4086=L-XL 4086=R-XL
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