5065N Omo Neurexa Plus

5065N Omo Neurexa Plus
> Brand: ottobock
> Product Code: 5065N


Features and benefits

  • Positively influences the proprioceptors, which benefits the sensorimotor system
  • Able to be worn during rehabilitation and training
  • Silicone band and textile structure support positioning of the orthosis to prevent slipping
  • Ease-of-use with colored guide buttons
  • Soft TriTech material for excellent wearer comfort
  • Soft edges to prevent chafing and sores
  • Silicone muscle stimulation pad
  • Machine wash at 104˚ F (40˚ C)


Shoulder pain and dysfunction (including subluxation) after stroke, hemiplegia, spinal disc herniation in the cervical spine, injuries of the brachial plexus, and peripheral nerve damage


  • Realigns humeral head in socket
  • Improves body posture through increased sensorimotor control and a more physiological gait pattern
  • Supports arm position in extension with slight exterior rotation
  • Reduces spasticity of the upper limbs


Measure chest circumference.
Size Chest circumference Left Right
XXS 73 - 78 cm 5065N=L-XXS-7 5065N=R-XXS-7
XS 79 - 86 cm 5065N=L-XS-7 5065N=R-XS-7
S 87 - 94 cm 5065N=L-S-7 5065N=R-S-7
M 96 - 102 cm 5065N=L-M-7 5065N=R-M-7
L 103 - 110 cm 5065N=L-L-7 5065N=R-L-7
XL 111 - 118 cm 5065N=L-XL-7 5065N=R-XL-7
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