4R152 Harmony E2

4R152 Harmony E2
> Brand: ottobock
> Product Code: 4R152

Removable pump for amputees who want a vacuum volume management system that fits into their lives easily


• Intuitive controls for ease of use

• 4 manual levels, plus Automatic and Reverse

• Adapter plate with its integrated valve keeps the vacuum in the socket

• Easily removable without removing the leg

• Submersible in water up to 10 ft/3 m depth

• Quiet  

• Lightweight – including batteries, weighs less than 200 g

• Requires no computer or programming to install

• In combination with the other Harmony system components, provides volume management for the residual limb

• 4R152=1 Harmony E2 with offset plate for use above wider knee and feet components


Manual vacuum levels:
1st: 8inHg
2nd: 12inHg
3rd: 17inHg
4th: 21inHg

Automatic goes from 6-21inHg

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