Derma Functional Accessories

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Sensitive and irritated skin?


What matters and what you can do

For people wearing a prosthesis or orthosis, unavoidable mechanical stresses can have adverse effects on the skin’s function. There is often a close correlation between these causes and effects. The main problems are:

Pain with pressure and friction, soreness

• Build-up of perspiration and odour

• Damage to the skin‘s protective and immune functions

• Excessive hygiene or incorrect cleansing of the weakened skin

What you can do:

The Derma series offers a selection of skin care products that have been especially adapted to the needs of prosthesis and orthosis wearers: Derma Clean, Derma Prevent and Derma Repair.


Hints on Residual Limb Cleaning

Apply Derma Clean cleansing lotion to the skin, wash and then rinse thoroughly with clear water and dry.

Hints on Liner Cleaning

Turn the liner inside out and wash it using Derma Clean. Then rinse thoroughly with clear water and wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Now let the liner air dry


Hints on the Application of the Derma Skin Care Series We recommend performing the task of daily cleaning in the evening to allow the residual limb sufficient time for drying. This will help to prevent extreme adhesion of the liner on the skin. When cleaning is done in the morning, make sure that the residual limb is dry before donning the liner. Should the residual limb feel too moist in the morning, reduce the amount of Derma Repair / Derma Prevent lotion. After cleaning the skin with Derma Clean cleansing lotion, generously apply Derma Repair basic skin care to dry, irritated skin. Apply a small amount of Derma Prevent to the skin prior to donning the prosthesis or orthosis. Put a few drops on the palm of your hand and rub it into the skin until it is dry. Shake well before using!


453H10 Derma Clean

• Cleans gently and safely

• Free of alkali and phosphates

Content: 300ml


453H14 Derma Repair

• Moisturises dry, irritated skin

• Reduces the effects of excessive strain

• Regulates moisture and makes the skin noticeably more supple

Content: 200ml


453H12 Derma Prevent

• Prevents chafing

• Inhibits contact with external allergens

• Covers the skin with a protective coating

• Leaves the skin soft and supple

• Reduces odour by releasing an active substance when needed

Content: 100ml


453H30=GB Derma Functional Accessories Set The Derma Functional Accessories Set contains:

• 453H10 Derma Clean

• 453H14 Derma Repair

• 453H12 Derma Prevent Plus a practical toilet bag

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