1D11 Dynamic Foot Women 20mm Toes

1D11 Dynamic Foot Women 20mm Toes
> Brand: ottobock
> Product Code: 1D11

The 1D11 Dynamic Foot has a narrow shape and is particularly suitable for women’s or narrow men’s shoes. It is designed for the use in modular and exoskeletal prostheses.

Activity Level

K1, K2

Maximum Body Weight

275 lbs (125 kg)

Heel Height

20 +/- 5 mm

Footshell Color

Beige (4)

Footshell Shape

Slim (S)


Right (R), Left (L)

Product weight (w/o footshell)

285 g - 540 g

~ Min. Clearance Height (w/o adapter)

90 mm (3 1/2")

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